How to Return Your INFINITI Lease

How to Return Your INFINITI Lease in Novi, MI

Prepare for Your INFINITI Lease Return Inspection

After enjoying the incredible benefits of leasing an INFINITI for the last few years, now is the right time to begin the end-of-lease process and to pick out your next car or SUV. If you are aware of repair issues or if your INFINITI is showing signs of excessive wear, these should be addressed before you return your vehicle to us. Approximately two to four weeks before the lease termination date, your INFINITI should be inspected by our knowledgeable team. We are happy to schedule this inspection at a convenient time that works well with your schedule. One of the steps that we will take during this inspection is to note the odometer reading. You will need to confirm the vehicle’s mileage by signing an Odometer Disclosure.

If you have recently completed repair work on your INFINITI, we are available to complete a second auto inspection. Regardless of whether you need to book a first or second INFINITI end-of-lease inspection, our team is ready to assist with scheduling. With exceptional availability and fast service, we make it easy to complete this aspect of your lease return experience.

Remember that your INFINITI should be returned to the dealership with all of the original equipment that you received with it. Some of these items may include the owner’s manual, a spare tire, all key fobs, a tool kit, original floor mats, and more.

Find Your Next INFINITI Vehicle at Suburban INFINITI of Novi

The end of your current INFINITI lease brings the incredible opportunity to drive home in a new INFINITI soon. During your next visit to our dealership, you can admire the stunning style and innovative features of our new models. Because we make customer satisfaction a top priority, you can feel confident that you will receive our full support as you select your next INFINITI. Our team at Suburban INFINITI of Novi is thrilled to meet with you soon, so make an appointment with us today.