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INFINITI Dealer near Northville, MI

When you visit a dealership to buy a new INFINITI model, how the dealership welcomes you will play a big role in if you buy a car from them. Here at our INFINITI dealership, we’d first like to take the time to shake your hand and thank you for considering the vehicles on our car lot. We appreciate your business, and we show this appreciation through a commitment to customer service. For example, we answer questions when you’re thinking about buying a car, we inform you about the car that you might be buying and we continue to stand behind the vehicle you bought long after you have bought it. This world-class customer service has become a source of pride.

 Offering INFINITI Models near Northville, MI

New and Used INFINITI Cars for Sale near Northville, MI

Customers first comment on and appreciate the wide selection of vehicles, which has become a big thing at our dealership. We want to keep our car lot stocked with lots of dependable and value-centered vehicles. Our dealership sells new and used INFINITI cars. The Japanese automaker Nissan decided to distinguish INFINITI as their luxury car division. That means when you buy an INFINITI, you often see a rich list of features and amenities that come with the INFINITI name. We proudly sell these cars because we have total confidence in the long-term satisfaction of these vehicles.

One of the things that we feel we should emphasize is how our dealership inspects all the vehicles that we sell on our car lot. This includes the new vehicles and the used ones. We do this because we want to uphold higher standards of business ethics and even raise the bar a little. We do this through qualifying the vehicles sold on our lot and checking the integrity of each and every car that we sell on our lot. Especially when you buy used, you have some level of awareness that you must buy a car that has structural integrity and will continue to run for a long time. Walking around our car lot to look at vehicles, one of the first advantages that you notice is our sales representatives and how they welcome you with a big smile and a handshake. Our sales staff have also received competent training in how to respond to the questions so that customers feel satisfied that they’re not leaping into a purchase blindly.

 Proudly Serving the Northville, MI Area

INFINITI Service near Northville, MI

We proudly service the Northville, Michigan, community, and we have done this for years. When people go through us, many of them do it because we have built our reputation from the ground up as some of the most honest and hardworking individuals in town. To us, it’s a shameful display when a business cuts corners to make an easy dollar. We want everything that we do to illuminate the best business practices. We consider ourselves servants of the community who help others reach their goals. Our full-service dealership has hired experienced and certified technicians who understand how to fix cars in a timely fashion.

Would you like to learn more about our dealership? We’d love to have the opportunity to answer questions, show you our vehicles and work with you on getting a new car. Especially if your old one has reached the end of its lifetime, you might consider a new vehicle an investment because owning a car lets you get back and forth from work. Not to mention, some of the newer models often come with better technology, increased fuel economy and a bigger list of valuable features. Visit our car lot today, schedule a free test drive and learn what you might be missing out on.

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“Great place. Positive experience with all of the sales staff and managers. Beautiful cars at a reasonable price.”

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“The team there is always great to work with.”

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“People at parts department are great to work with and they know what they do!!”