New INFINITI Lease Offers

At Suburban INFINITI of Novi, we are excited to tell you more about today’s inventory and to assist with the setup of your auto lease. Now is the perfect time to learn more about auto leasing.

What Is Vehicle Leasing? How Does It Work?

After you sign a lease on the INFINITI that you select, you will be required to make a lease payment each month. Because the monthly payment covers the use of the INFINITI for the term length, you may be thrilled to learn that the lease payment is often more affordable than a loan payment. The vehicle is yours to use throughout the lease term, and you drive it back to us by the lease end date.

FAQs About Leasing

Is It a Good Idea to Lease a Car?

Leasing may be more affordable for some drivers, but there are also limitations to consider. For example, customization is not usually permitted, and mileage may be restricted. Before deciding if leasing is right for you, speak with our dealership’s financing team to learn about lease programs that you qualify for.

Am I Better Off Buying or Leasing a Car?

Leasing and buying have unique benefits as well as limitations or drawbacks. Your planned usage of the vehicle, such as annual mileage and the length of time you intend to drive it, should be considered before you decide if leasing is most advantageous for you.

Can I Lease a Used Car?

Some vehicles in our certified pre-owned inventory could be available to lease. Mileage and age restrictions may apply. To inquire about options available today, contact Suburban INFINITI of Novi.

How Much Does Leasing an INFINITI Car Cost?

In many cases, you may have the flexibility to choose your own down payment amount within reason. A larger down payment could yield a lower required monthly car payment. Your credit rating and history, your income, and a few other criteria also determine the affordability of the loan programs available to you.

Can I Buy the Car I’m Leasing?

Your lease contract could include a buyout clause, which could enable you to buy your leased INFINITI. To explore this option in detail, make an inquiry with our dealership’s financing team.

Will I Get My Car Lease Deposit Back?

A security deposit and a down payment are easily confused, but these are different expenses. Generally, a security deposit may be refunded based on the terms of your contract. In many cases, the down payment is not refundable.

Is It Possible to Lease a Car with Bad Credit & $0 Down?

Loan programs with a low down payment or no down payment required are available. Typically, these are options for well-qualified applicants. To learn about the loan programs that you qualify for and the necessary down payment for each option, stop by Suburban INFINITI of Novi.

Does Leasing an INFINITI Car Require a Good Credit Score?

Numerous auto lease programs are available, and these have varying credit score requirements. Typically, a lower credit score dictates the need for a larger down payment, and it may be associated with a higher monthly payment. The best way to learn about INFINITI lease options is to contact the dealership today.

Can I Turn in My Leased INFINITI Vehicle to a Different Dealer?

When your INFINITI lease obligations are satisfied, the car or SUV may be taken to the authorized INFINITI dealer that you prefer.

Does an INFINITI Car Lease Include Maintenance?

Your lease contract may include a clause for complimentary maintenance work at an authorized service center. Some of the services that your contract may outline are oil changes, filter replacements, and more.

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