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Welcome to our new page for model reviews. Here, we have published an interactive catalog of models and their features. This is an online guide that will help you decide which INFINITI you want to drive before you arrive at our lot. If you are looking for specific options or packages, our model review page is your go-to spot for getting detailed information on every model in stock. Here, you will also find information on drivetrains, cargo space, and fuel economy. Our virtual showroom is open and waiting for you.

INFINITI makes the luxury models of Nissan Motor Company. The INFINITI logo captures the essence of this brand. They are trying to capture only a small infinitely dedicated share of the market. This slice of the pie is made up of hardcore enthusiasts of the brand. The INFINITI brand’s focus on performance sets them apart from their Japanese luxury rivals of Lexus and Acura. This unique mix of virtues makes INFINITI an automotive line that is built upon performance quality rather than marketing hype and the kitsch demands of consumers.


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When you compare an INFINITI to a Lexus or Acura in their class, you find that INFINITI introduces a lot of sporty upgrades. Their S-line is famous for building aggressively tuned and styled versions of the same models. INFINITI has changed the performance line names over the years to IPL (INFINITI Performance Line) and Red Sport. The powerful engines and all-wheel drive give INFINITI autos the aggressiveness and muscle that Acura and Lexus are just starting to catch up on. The secret behind the INFINITI business model is less hype and more car. You are not infinitely being bombarded with INFINITI branding campaigns like you are with other luxury brands like Lexus and BMW.


INFINITI automobiles have a higher quality of wheels, paint, and interior than their Nissan economy-line cousins. The elegance of the styling noticeably raises you above the herd. People who buy an INFINITI typically do so because INFINITI vehicles feature unique styling and character. The mix of classy, sporty, and well-contoured aerodynamic bodies makes the INFINITI an interesting auto to own. Many of the front-ends are unmistakably Japanese and convey the feeling of a prestigious Samurai on wheels. The interiors are simply luxurious and beautiful with vivid colors and fine-stitched quality craftsmanship.


The Japanese are famous for taking innovations in German engineering and refining it for greater reliability. Although INFINITI is not spending billions of dollars to reinforce the image of great reliability, they are markedly more reliable than their German luxury competitors. The German auto industry has been pushing for the last decade to capture the entire luxury auto market by innovating over-engineered features. These autos require a virtual pit crew to keep them on the road. INFINITI takes the best performance features and incorporates them into a seamless package, a well-designed vehicle that will outlast its German rivals.

We understand that there is never enough information to make up for a test drive. We invite you to come in and experience an INFINITI as the most surefire method of determining whether an INFINITI fits your lifestyle. Owners fall in love with the quality, performance, and unique character of their INFINITI vehicle from the gate. Please contact us to resolve any of your questions or to schedule a test drive.

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