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    Certified Pre-Owned Cars for Sale in Novi, MI

    Come on down to Suburban INFINITI of Novi for the hottest deals around on new, used, and Certified Pre-Owned models. We have the diverse selection of cars, trucks, SUVs, and crossovers that you are looking for, all in one location. And because we have a stream of leased vehicles always coming back to us when the leases are completed, we have a premium selection of Certified Pre-Owned cars. These previously leased vehicles have such spotless maintenance histories and such low mileage that it is impossible to pass them up when you consider the savings. Why gamble with the quality of a used vehicle on the private market when you can find the pre-owned vehicles that are in like-new condition at much lower prices.

    Benefits of Buying Certified Pre-Owned Cars

    When you shop for Certified Pre-Owned INFINITI vehicles, your primary benefit is cost-savings. If you can save money and still get the same exact features as the latest model, who can resist buying? Our dealership has the premium selection of Certified Pre-Owned vehicles that save you money on monthly payments, insurance premiums, and long-term repair costs. When you dodge the bullet of depreciation that hurts brand-new vehicles so hard in the first few years, the resale value of your vehicle will hold steady and require far less initial investment from you. In fact, you may wind up paying half as much for a vehicle that is just a few years older.

    A Certified Pre-Owned INFINITI model is not just a good deal, it also allows you to look like you just bought a brand-new car. This is because the drivers who lease vehicles from us have to sign a contract that ensures each vehicle returned is a shining example of what it should be. Leasees have the benefit of avoiding long-term ownership plans to quickly upgrade every few years. Although leasing has a lot of advantages because you don’t ever have to pay for repairs, it can be costly because you are paying the bulk of depreciation up front. Yet, the result is cost-savings for people who purchase our Certified Pre-Owned models.

    Quality Certified Pre-Owned Cars

    In order to qualify for the INFINITI Certified Pre-Owned program, each vehicle must pass a rigorous inspection process. Simply because the vehicle was leased or is only a few years old is not enough. The Certified Pre-Owned vehicles cannot have any accident damage, must have impeccable service records, and cannot have high mileage. Furthermore, because our service department inspects any leased vehicles when they are returned back to us, we can make repairs to recondition these vehicles into like-new condition. The automotive service technicians check brake wear and tire tread wear, and also look for any leaks, damage, or issues that can lead to problems down the line. This avoids the need for buyers to redeem the factory warranty in most cases. You can’t find this kind of peace of mind on the private market for a used vehicle. The types of third-party warranty services out there use inferior aftermarket parts or will have hidden problems and no warranty at all.

    Please contact us or stop by Suburban INFINITI to test-drive the numerous Certified Pre-Owned vehicles we have in stock. We are sure that you will love them just as much as any brand-new INFINITI model.

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